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De Celeste Santos a 2 de Fevereiro de 2011
Olá sou miniaturista também..... amei tudo no seu blog...
Mil vezes lindo queria muitas coisinhas.
Visita meu blog tá rolando um sorteio agora em fevereiro
De zaphia a 3 de Fevereiro de 2011
Muito obrigada pela visita e pelo comentário.

De a 24 de Junho de 2010
Hello again Sofia^^Have you received the comment from me??
Here's my e-mail add:dolly_violet@hotmail.co.jp
I'm looking forward to hear from you soon!
Thank you,Mami
De zaphia a 25 de Junho de 2010
I'm so sorry for not answering your comment sooner but I have been so busy these days that I hadn't time do turn on my computer
First of all I would like to thank your kind comment, it's good to know you love my miniatures.
I don't sell my miniatures, for the time being, I do it just for fun. I have no experience in miniature food despite I love it so I don't feel comfortable selling it because I don't think they are good enough for sell. I know I can improve a lot, I just need to have time to dedicate to this hobby, wish isn't happening lately.Then, maybe I consider to sell it.
There is a lot more I would like to ask you and I would love to have the address of your blog or site if you have one.

Please let me know

De a 24 de Junho de 2010
Your work're really beautifull,and a excellent taste of imagination,and I love them!Have you sold those items or going to sell with the display on the photos(including the frame&raduree paper bag.,etc)?I'm interested ,so could you please let me know your contact e-mail address??I thought to leave my add,but is it possible to take off later from your blog ??so stopped at this time.....Let me know!Thank you,Mami(Japan)
De johanna a 14 de Abril de 2010
Hi! You have just been given an award in http://minitreasures.blogspot.com/2010/04/mtw-award-2010-mtw1year.html as you have been a lot of traffic to Mini treasures wiki. Congratulations and come to celebrate the occasion in Mini treasures wiki's first birthday party at http://minitreasures.pbworks.com/mtw_one_year .

De zaphia a 15 de Abril de 2010
Thank you so much! What a nice surprise!

Happy anniversary

De fairybutterfly a 12 de Abril de 2010
Nossa q lindos, parecem de verdade!
De zaphia a 12 de Abril de 2010
Obrigada! :)